Frequently Asked Questions


What is the average Shipping Time?

  • Please wait between 3-6 weeks for shipping! With this Summer coming up, the best time to order is NOW!


What size is best for me? 

  • Keep in mind that these are Asian sizes, Asian sizes are 1-2 sizes smaller than standard US/EURO size. Some of our shirts/hoodies provide sizing directions but we suggest you generally order 1 size larger or 2 sizes if you want to be as comfortable as possible!


Are these products quality?

  • All of our products are very high quality! We offer a quality GUARANTEE and if any of our products arrive damaged or tampered with, send us a picture and return the product and we will refund you promptly.


Where is my order?

  • Refer to our shipping question! Since we try to offer these products at low-prices, shipping takes longer and we try to offer low price shipping alternatives!


Do you have another method of communication?

  • Yes, we use Kik Messenger as another way to communicate with customers! Our Kik username is "@Gaming"! It's a very cool username and we hope to offer you cool customer service.

Why is nothing labeled 'Fortnite'?

  • Since we don't act as a merchant of any Fortnite products and only act as a seller of the Battle Royale Genre and fan-made products, we do not claim that any of our products or Fortnite labeled and are labeled appropriately to reflect their designs and genre.